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Small Electric Skillet

A small electric skillet is an indispensable kitchen accessory for any serious chef or novice cook.


Or, if you're keen on traveling, a small electric skillet is the perfect companion to your camping trips or adventures that need a small pan to cook up a little bit of dinner.  


Small electric skillets are very lightweight, often just a few pounds, and can fold up and dismantle themselves to fit in a suitcase or travel bag very easily.


Or, if you're looking to keep it in the kitchen, a small or mini electric skillet can fit into a small crevice or compartment you have left.

There really isn't anything they can't do. Big meals or small meals, they're just like normal frying surfaces and won't leave you dissatisfied.

 small electric skillet

 mini electric skillets

 small electric skillets

If you're looking to keep one of these in the kitchen, keep a few things in mind. Unfortunately the small or mini electric skillet, because of its size, won't be capable of cooking huge meals all at once like a normal frying pan can. If you want to cook one or two burgers at a time, they'll work perfectly, but if you're looking to cook up dinner for the family, you may want to look elsewhere.


Small electric skillets are great tools to use if you're looking to cook some vegetables or condiments while you use your main oven and pan to cook the main meal. That's not to say it's impossible to cook with solely an electric skillet, but if you're looking to save time in the home kitchen, there's not a real replacement for the stove.  


But, if you're looking to go camping or travel and still have a way to cook the food that reminds you of home, a small electric skillet is an absolutely vital purchase. They’re lightweight and in most cases can be folded up to fit in even less space. All you need when you're out and about is either a generator or a camper van that has an outlet for you to plug into.


 electric small skillet

 small electric skillets

 small electric skillet

Like the kitchen scenario, you can't cook full meals with an electric skillet all at once but if you're creative, you can cook some fairly interesting recipes. Cook a few sausages and bacon at the same time and put them to one side.


You could then cook some eggs or toast and put them together with the bacon and sausages for a full breakfast. You don't have to “rough it” with an electric skillet! 





You could go into a hardware store and pay top dollar for a small electric skillet or you could buy one online for much less. Because skillets vary greatly between manufacturers, read a lot of user comments about the products and see what type of firsthand experience they can pass on.


You may find a skillet that you really like but because it's awkward to hold or use, you decision may be swayed. Skillets are typically fairly inexpensive and can often be purchased for around $50. Electric skillet models from Farberware and Cuisinart are discussed in the two videos above, for your convenience.


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